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 Barbie in The Nutcracker Trivia

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Yuki Hana Kitsune

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PostSubject: Barbie in The Nutcracker Trivia   Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:51 pm

Barbie does not have a quote at the end of the film, but the basic motto is "If you are kind, clever and brave, anything is possible".

Barbie in the Nutcracker won "Best Animated Video Premiere Movie" at "Video Premiere Award" and was nominated for "Best Animated Character Performance".

To promote the film, Mattel held a sweepstakes on Barbie.com. The winner went to the premiere of Barbie in the Nutcracker in Los Angeles. McDonalds had Happy Meals with Barbie and Ken in them.

Mattel auditioned 70 people to find the right voice for Barbie, and they eventually picked Kelly Sheridan.

"Nutcracker" is still the best-selling Barbie movie, and its success allowed the others to be made.

Barbie in the Nutcracker was promoted as "Barbie's first ever movie" but she has previously starred in Toy Story 2. It has also been considered a Christmas movie on more than one occasion.

An animator took care of Clara's hair, so it moves gracefully while she dances.


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Barbie in The Nutcracker Trivia
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