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 Dance! Workout With Barbie Production

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Yuki Hana Kitsune

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PostSubject: Dance! Workout With Barbie Production   Thu Jun 13, 2013 12:02 am

Auditions and Filming

One of the girls starring in the video, Holly Childers, who was seven at the time, noticed the an advertisement for the video in a newspaper. A company named Looking Glass Productions was looking for nine girls to star in Dance! Workout With Barbie and they were auditioning for a few days. More than 350 girls turned up for the auditions.

At the auditions, the choreographers for Dance! Workout With Barbie, Kim G. and Kim Breaux, taught the girls who were auditioning a hip-hop routine. After seeing the girls dance, 35 finalists were chosen, including Holly Childers and two other girls named Jennifer Fenton (aged 10 then) and Lisa Mariano (aged 11 then). The 35 girls were asked to do the routine again. After this, Holly, Jennifer and Lisa, as well as two more girls named Katinka Chun and Erica Read (both aged 10 then), were picked to star in the video.

There were still four spots open so the video staff auditioned girls who were professional actresses or models. From this audition, Ashlee Turner (aged 10), Arike Rice (aged eight), Kimberly Butler (aged nine) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (aged 12) were picked. Jennifer Love Hewitt was picked to record the songs for the workout. There were eight months of rehearsals and costume fittings before shooting began. The girls all became friends and were able to keep up with each other, and filmed everything in one day.


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Dance! Workout With Barbie Production
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