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  Barbie: Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Trivia

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Yuki Hana Kitsune

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PostSubject: Barbie: Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Trivia   Wed Jun 12, 2013 11:30 pm

  • The movie took 5-7 months to make and was officially finished on February 2013.
  • On the Voicebox Productions website, the movie was titled Mariposa and the Crystal Fairy Princess.
  • This is the first and only one classic movie which was make after 2009 (the last one being Barbie and The Three Musketeers).
  • This is the second Barbie movie to be based on the power of friendship, the first one being Barbie & The Diamond Castle.
  • In this sequel to the first Mariposa movie, Mariposa is voiced by Kelly Sheridan, and not by Chiara Zanni.
  • ElinaBibbleZinzieRayna and Rayla do not make appearances in this movie.
  • Years ago, in 2008, there were rumoured sequels to the first Mariposa movie, namely Barbie: Mariposa and The Gold Wand, and another called Barbie Fairytopia: Magical Twist of Time, featuring the returning characters of Elina, Bibble, Mariposa, Laverna, Rayna and Rayla. These sequels were spread through the Internet along with other such rumoured movies (though not necessarily in the Fairytopia line).


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Barbie: Mariposa and The Fairy Princess Trivia
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