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 Barbie in a Christmas Carol

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PostSubject: Barbie in a Christmas Carol   Wed Jan 12, 2011 1:03 am


On Christmas Eve, Kelly is reluctant to go to a Christmas Eve ball, so Barbie tells her the story of Eden Starling, a glamorous singing diva in Victorian England and the owner of a theatre house. However, Eden is self-centred and loves only herself. She is frequently accompanied by her snooty cat, Chuzzlewit. She does not believe in Christmas and orders all her employees to work on Christmas Day.
Eden's employees, Freddy, Ann, Nan, Maurice, and costume designer Catherine are disappointed to hear the news. Catherine Beadnell, as Eden's best friend since childhood, tries to persuade Eden otherwise, but is met with no success. That night, Eden receives a visit from the spirit of her late Aunt Marie, who reveals she intends to send three spirits to see Eden. The three spirits will convince Eden to change her life, each by showing Eden her past, her present, and her future.

In Eden's past, Aunt Marie was very strict. She insisted that Eden practices singing and playing piano without giving her a chance to take a rest on Christmas. Secretly, Eden went to her old, dearest friend Catherine's house to celebrate Christmas. There they sang together. But Aunt Marie came and forbade Eden to celebrate Christmas after that.

Meanwhile, the spirit of Christmas present shows Eden that Catherine is a truly generous person as she gives the orphans clothes. Eden is touched by this view but still doesn't give in.

Finally the spirit of Christmas future brings Eden to the coldest choice of life. Eden has lost her fame and becomes so poor, even Chuzzlewit's only dinner, a rat, runs away! Eden later meets Catherine who has become a rich designer, but also with an arrogant attitude, just like the previous Eden.

Eden awakens from her dreams a changed person. She decides to let her employees have a holiday and is good to them too. Through her good deeds, Eden ultimately learns to keep the spirit of Christmas every day of the year.

Through these journeys, Eden is able to change her life and learns to help and love others.

Kelly changes her mind about Christmas after listening to Barbie's stories. She decides to go to the donation party just as Nikki comes into Barbie's bedroom.

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Barbie in a Christmas Carol
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