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 My Scene Boys

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PostSubject: My Scene Boys   Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:09 pm

Bryant -
The multi-cultural Bryant is of Cherokee, Italian, English, and Jamaican descent and has green eyes and strawberry blonde hair and he is the only My Scene doll to be officially discontinued. He was introduced in season two along with "Hudson", and made his final appearance in season three. Originally created as a love interest for "Chelsea", he was eventually marketed as "Nolee"'s boyfriend. It is rumored he was created to look like American Idol runner-up Justin Guarini. Recently, a character who is identical to "Bryant" was featured in a webisode on "Kennedy"'s homepage. He is not supposed to be "Bryant", but a rock star who went to school with "Kennedy" in Hollywood. He was named after New York's Bryant Park.

Hudson -
He is Euro-American with light-blue eyes, light skin and blonde hair. He was one of the first male dolls to be introduced in the My Scene line and is often romantically paired with "Chelsea". According to the official website, his favorite sport is soccer and his sign is Capricorn. He is named after Hudson Park and Hudson River in New York.

River -
This doll has dark hair, light skin tone and brown eyes. He is Barbie's boyfriend. According to the official website, he is a rock musician, his sign is Sagittarius and his favorite music is Post-punk scene and he likes foot massages. He is presumably named after Hudson River.

Sutton -
He is African British with dark brown or black hair, dark skin and brown eyes, and he is from London. His character is least developed of all My Scene males — the original doll came with art supplies, while later dolls came with musical and even computer accessories. He is sometimes romantically paired with "Madison" and according to the official website, he has an urban look and his sign is Aries. He is named after Sutton Place in New York.

Ellis -
He is characterized as Euro-American. He is marketed with brown hair, light skin tone and green eyes. He is usually marketed as "Delancey"'s boyfriend but he also appeared in a gift set with "Barbie". According to the official website his sign is Pisces and he loves going to movies. Ellis was often excluded from male lines, having been left out of every Male line since Getting Ready, all the way to his discontinuation was confirmed in 2009 (according to Delancey's character profile on Myscene's website, Ellis has "moved"). He is named after Ellis Island.

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My Scene Boys
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