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 My Scene Girls

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PostSubject: My Scene Girls   Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:07 pm

Kennedy -
A Caucasian girl with blonde hair, light skin and blue eyes. She replaced Barbie. Kennedy is an Aquarius who is "...a celebrity in training" and came from Hollywood. She is named after John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City and her pet is Yorkie.

Barbie -
Barbie is "...cute but edgy", pale skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, her astrological sign is Libra, her favorite place is the spa and she loves yoga, chatting with cute guys, going to movies and parties with her friends, massage and pedicures. Her favorite beverage is iced coffee and she can't live without her cellphone. She moved to California and was replaced by Kennedy.

is African-American, tanned skin, light blue eyes and medium brown hair. She was one of the original three dolls and the 'shopper' of the gang. According to the official My Scene website, she is an urbanite, enjoys traveling in style, spends her time getting manicures at her favorite spa and going shopping. Her astrological sign is Leo, she lives with her father and she can't go anywhere without her journal. In Europe she is called "Westley", but in the US she is named after Madison Avenue, a major shopping district. Her pet is Bella.

has pink skin, brown eyes and auburn hair. Chelsea is an artist and was one of the original dolls. She wants to be a fashion designer and according to the official website, her signature look is "...original and funky" and her astrological sign is Scorpio. She loves retro clothing stores, her prized possession is her notebook and she loves pets. She is named after the Chelsea neighborhood in New York City and her pet is Mambo or Churro. Chelsea is left-handed.

is of Russian and Japanese-American descent, with black hair, pale skin and purple or brown eyes. She was the first doll in the My Scene line and was originally a fortune-telling skater girl. Her astrological sign is Gemini. She is one of three dolls without a boyfriend; Bryant was discontinued and according to the official website she is good at keeping secrets, believes in good luck and karma and her look is sporty. She is named after Nolita in New York and her pet is Cookie.

is of mixed Irish, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Chinese ancestry. This doll was originally produced with maroon-streaked platinum blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and a spot in her cheek. In 2007, it was produced with dark brown hair with blonde streaks and blue eyes. She is from California and was the second doll in the My Scene line and is a skater and surfer. She is Chelsea's cousin. According to the My Scene website, she enjoys the beach. Her astrological sign is Taurus and her look is edgy, funky, and colorful. She likes sweet foods and Hawaiian flowers. She was named after Delancey Street in New York City. Her pet is named Sugar.

has ginger hair, light freckled skin and green eyes and is from Atlanta, Georgia. Kenzie has appeared four times since she was introduced in 2004. She and Nolee were very close and according to the official website she works in a shopping mall, her astrological sign is Cancer, she likes to make people laugh and her style is cute. She loves baking treats and her pet is unnamed. The pet was a brown repaint of Barbie's dog, Yorkie.

has hazel eyes, tanned skin and light brown hair. She was introduced in the 2008 lines, lives in Miami and was born in Mexico City. She is a dancer. The official website says that she likes to be loud, funny ,and the life of any party. Her astrological sign is Libra and loves reading romance books. she is the newest member of the group she is always a dj.

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My Scene Girls
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